our mission

Revolutionize pharmaceutical portfolio management through a cutting-edge artificial intelligence-powered decision support system.


our customers

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Life sciences investment funds
  • Contract research organizations

Get the right drug to the right patient at the right time.

We strongly believe that the traditionally known challenges inherently associated with the process of drug development and its consequent development costs go beyond the efficacy and innocuity of the pharmaceutical product.

Complex multidimensional risks of clinical development can be efficiently mitigated through a strategic approach to pharmaceutical portfolio management relying on artificial intelligence.

Join us in the innovative journey of reshaping the future of drug development and reimagining what is possible for an efficient pharmaceutical portfolio management.

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our approach

Enhancing the drug development process

Sorintellis’ holistic approach of drug development risk

A comprehensive risk network mapping fuels our proprietary state-of-the-art AI-driven system for strategic pharmaceutical portfolio decision-making.

Beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking

Major challenges in pharmaceutical portfolio management such as high attrition rates in clinical drug development are pushed to deeper levels.

When it matters most: late phase clinical trials

Crucial contributors to failure are mitigated prior to entering the most critical part of clinical development.

Increasing the pipeline’s commercial and therapeutic value

An immense power of data

Sorintellis aims to efficiently optimize drug development and provide actionable insights to accelerate delivery of superior therapies.

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