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15 AI Companies in Quebec, Canada that you need to know about


CQDM and Sorintellis Group fund the development of an AI-powered platform to mitigate clinical trial risks


Sorintellis, IVADO, Polytechnique Montréal and Université de Montréal join forces to transform pharmaceutical portfolio management through AI with support from MITACS


Interview with Emmanuel Piffo, Sorintellis’ CEO


Decision-making system for strategic pharmaceutical portfolio management based on artificial intelligence


Sorintellis, in partnership with Vantage BioTrials, completes the development of the proof-of-concept for an a priori estimation of the evolution of clinical trial success based on machine learning.

Vantage Biotrials

Sorintellis, in collaboration with the multinational pharmaceutical Pfizer, is advancing its ambition to develop an AI-based platform aimed at efficiently mitigating risks in clinical drug development


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